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Ten Ways to Improve Math Skills

#8. Help your children learn the vocabulary of mathematics. They will never get a real feeling for math nor learn more advanced concepts without an understanding of its vocabulary. Check that your children can define new terms. If not, have them use models and simple problems to show you they understand how the term is used.


Principal's Corner

Welcome To Georgetown School

Welcome to Georgetown School; Home of the Cubs!

Wendy Westsmith, Principal

We are a school community that believes that ALL students can and will LEARN AND SUCCEED. Our motto: “Exploring Our World." Georgetown is a K-6 school with approximately 230 students. Our student body represents the diverse backgrounds.


Georgetown School is “World-Class” school.

“World-Class” characterized by the following:

• High academic standards for all;

• A comprehensive, challenging, and relevant curriculum;

• Effective, engaging instructional strategies;

• Accurate and meaningful assessments; Balance coherent Systems of Assessments

• High-performing and inspiring team committed to professional

  development, training, and lifelong learning;

• A safe and secure learning environment;

• A culture of continuous quality improvement;

• Community and parental partnerships;

• Commitment to meeting the needs of its internal and external communities while capitalizing on their diverse ideas and strength

Georgetown has a highly qualified staff that have a strong educational background. Teachers at Georgetown focus on superb lesson design centered around learning objectives that are aligned to common core standards. The staff analyzes test data frequently in order to provide a high quality program that addresses all student learning needs. Teachers use a variety of active participation and student engagement strategies to deliver instruction that engages ALL students. Students that are not meeting benchmark standards receive well planned and research based intervention lessons during the regular school day. Georgetown Elementary student s enjoy a safe and secure campus. Students receive positive rewards through our PBIS and school pride.

Georgetown Elementary School is a school that has numerous opportunities for parents to be involved with the school. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in their child’s classroom, become involved in the School Site Council, Parent Teacher Association, and the monthly principal-parent coffees.

The Georgetown team truly believes that communication is the key to a successful educational experience. Together, we will continue to improve the quality of our school community and provide the best for the children of Georgetown School. Education is a partnership between the school, students, parents/guardians, and community.   All children are more successful when we work as a team to achieve educational goals.

On behalf of the Georgetown Team we are excited and honored to educate your children.






Math Advice For Parents

Exploring Our World