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Head Start

Located on Georgetown School Campus

Harkness Street Georgetown 95634
530-295-4515/FAX 530-333-1905
License #090309074

Move Up Day! at Georgetown School

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Connecting to TK/Kindergarten

Connecting to Kindergarten

When children enter school at age 4 or 5, they leave the home and preschool environment for the new adventure of school.   Working together – parents, preschool care providers, and Kindergarten teachers – we can make this transition a positive, healthy experience.  Upon entering Kindergarten, your child becomes a part of a new world in which she or he can explore and grow. 

Is Your Child Ready?

You may not be sure if your child is ready for Kindergarten.  Talk with your child’s preschool teacher or the Kindergarten teacher before school starts to discuss any of these issues.  If your child has special needs, be sure to talk to the school and Kindergarten teacher before your child enters school.   Teachers and the school want to make sure that all children are successful as they transition to Kindergarten.

School Readiness


Readiness means your child:

   * has a sense of self-worth

   * has a sense of trust, security and stability to be able to enter new situations and learn. 

   * can feel comfortable if s/he is away from you for several hours. 

   * is curious

   * can play with other children.

   * can play independently for short periods.

   * can listen to a story.

   * can use the bathroom by him or her self.

   * has the capacity to look and listen carefully and focus for short periods of time.

   * attend to and learn new skills and concepts.


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