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2017 Cub Congress Commissions Serve Georgetown

Winterfest Performance

Winterfest Performance

Our Yearlong Theme

Our Yearlong Theme

Non-Discrimination Policy

Non-Discrimination Policy

Black Oak Mine Unified School District programs, activities, and practices shall be free from discrimination based on actual or perceived race, color, ancestry, national ...more


Georgetown School LCAP Parent Survey

Georgetown School is conducting it's annual LCAP Paretn Survey to determine which school expenditures parents and students support, are interested in continuing and are interested in bringing to Georgetown School. 

Please help us by taking the survey. Results will be shared in May. Click the link below:


Georgetown School Parent Survey

March Events


Some quick reminders to Spring Forward and set your clocks ahead one hour to arrive at school on time. Playground opens at 8:00 sharp!

Next up: It is testing time again. We will start with our fifth graders who will take the State Science Test on  March 20th  make sure your student gets plenty of rest and eats a good breakfast. Gate Testing occurs on March 22nd for nominated students and takes place  in the library.

Finally, safety is our top priority.  Parents can help by checking in at the office and using designated paths when you join us on campus. we will be having a school lockdown drill on Friday, March 23rd to practice our safety procedures.


Yes- We use our Imagination when we play!

Yes- We use our Imagination when we play!

Tinker Night Celebration!

School Calendar

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Pets Prohibited on Campus- with one exception


This is reminder that we have limitations regarding animals, including pets on our campuses.  At Georgetown this includes pick up and drop off times. 

 Board Policy recognizes, “that animals can contribute to the district’s instructional program by being effective teaching aids to students and by assisting individuals with disabilities to access district programs and activities”.  Any animals, including family pets, are allowed for only these purposes and with administrative approval.  Thank you, in advance, for your assistance and cooperation.

Arrival and Departure -One Way! Safety First!

At Georgetown School Safety comes First! We have had many visitors on campus this summer and to ensure student safety at all times we are focusing on safe arrivals and departures.

Campus Opens at 8:00 a.m. !

1) If you are on campus during school hours we ask that you sign in at the office and take advantage of our Parent Room or front Gazebo.

2) We will be closing our back parking lots to drop off students. This includes kindergarten and Boys and Girls Club.

3) Parents are encouraged to park in the Office Parking Lot, sign in and walk their student to the playground or class at 8:15.

4) Students  walk on the "Playground Pathway" to play, attend class and travel to first breakfast and to return home. 

5) The playground pathway is used during school hour arrival and departure. The parking lot path, back lots and office path are not open for arrival or departure use during school hours. 

Questions? Contact Wendy at wwestsmith@bomusd.org or 530 333-8320.


The Parent Center!

Come to

The Parent Center!

Room 302

Open 8am to 4pm

Chat with your friends

Wait for your older child

Get out of the cold